Becoming familiar with a new CAE system is somewhat comparable with learning, for instance, a new language. There are many questions to solve first:. For instance, in order to learn more about the practical aspects of FEM, such as the influence of element type and size on the modeling results, the graphical user interface GUI needs to be simple.

In contrast, the expert needs dedicated tools in order to solve high-end modeling e. To maintain and learn two different systems, one for the beginners and one for the experts, is cumbersome.

Hypermesh Tutorial HM3200: Tetrameshing

Not only at the universities. Therefore, the requirements of beginners and experts as well as various simulation disciplines should be available in an integrated CAE system. By making use of a simple FEM flow-chart, FEM beginners undergraduate students may explore the effects of for instance, element types and element size on the modeling results.

The introduction into the GUI of HyperMesh is reduced to a minimum as students only need to learn some standard operations such as zooming, rotating and selecting entities. Everything else is driven by the FEM flow chart. Please let us know your ideas about learning HyperWorks.

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We appreciate your feedback and recommendations. NAFEMS is an independent not-for-profit body with the sole aim of promoting the effective use of engineering simulation methods such as finite element analysis, multi-body system dynamics and computational fluid dynamics.

Altair is also part of the educational and training … Read More. Your contribution is very much appreciated. Skip to content. There are many questions to solve first: Where to start? Which rules are important? Where to learn? When to learn? What are the respective costs?Log In Sign Up.

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View Demo Enroll. Course completion certificate will be provided to all students who complete the course. You will receive both an e-verified and hard copy of your certificates. A background in vehicle crashworthiness shows automotive recruiters your interest in automobiles, crashworthiness, and FEA.

The mechanical industry needs the following skills:. In this project, you will Import the car model and an impactor. Then the model needs to be transformed along with various directions and the mesh is cleaned up for any free nodes and elements using HyperMesh.

Proper contact is defined for the interface between the bodies. In this project, after importing the model, the mesh is cleaned up for any errors. The interface is defined between the impacting bodies. Various mass loads are added to balance the center of gravity and the simulation is set up to run using Radioss.

Learn HyperMesh

The output results are then post-processed and the intrusion into the B-Pillar, Hinge pillar, and the fuel tank are measured in Hyperview. Finally, recommendations are made to reduce fuel tank intrusions. In this project, the simulation is set up by creating a rigid wall for the model to impact. Mass balancing is done to achieve a target load of kgs and GC at a specified coordinate. Finally, the simulation is run and post-processed in HyperCrash. Various output results like axial forces on the rails from the bumper, shotgun cross-sectional forces are studied.

HyperMesh is one of the most popular Finite Element Preprocessor used to generate meshes of complex models. In this module, you will cover topics such as:. Learning to mesh geometries is an important step in performing FEA. Therefore, we will extensively cover the topic by:.We understand that it has become increasingly difficult to get away from your day-to-day activities to learn. With cuts to travel budgets and increased workloads, leaving the office for multiple days to attend training is not always an option.

With the advancements in technology for learning, we have multiple options that offer you training right at your desk. To make it easier to access these options we have recently launched Altair University. This is a one stop location to fulfill all of your training needs. Altair University provides access to many different online training options as well as traditional instructor led training.

Virtual Instructor Led Classes allow you take a class right from your desk. The classes use GoToTraining to provide the content online with a live instructor. The class material is broken up in 2 hour sessions over multiple days to make it easier for you to fit it into your days.

During the two-hour sessions you will be provided with instruction by a live instructor along with the chance to perform exercises while the instructor is available for questions. Each session will be recorded and made available for participants following the completion of the class. These recordings allow you to go back to the sessions as often as needed on your own time.

Students are able to download the course materials and run the exercises right from their own computer. Students will need to have Internet access, speakers or headphones, a microphone, and a valid license of HyperWorks. If a microphone is not available, students can text chat in the GoToTraining software with the instructor. To sign up for a Virtual Instructor Led class as they are added, please visit here.

We also understand that the schedule does not fit your moment of need for training material all of the time. This led us to offer an ever-growing list of self paced classes. Self-paced courses are available anytime, anywhere. The See It option allows the users to watch a narrated demonstration of the exercise that goes with the module. The Try It option provides an interactive tutorial that makes the user click to advance the tutorial. It gives you the look and feel of being in the software without requiring a license of HyperWorks.This session explains how HyperView Report tool can be helpful in standardization and reducing lead time in report creation.

In this practical workshop we will present both the theory and background of the numerical techniques used, as well as presenting application examples and real-world cases studies on how such a process is used in the industry today. It will be a combination of presentation and demonstration of the best insight in the process. Due to increasing complexity and a higher demand for connectivity for all sorts of products, physical measurements are more and more enhanced by virtual testing, not only on component level but also for full platforms like vehicles, aircrafts, etc.

Simulation in the design stage is crucial for successful deployment. The numerical methods applied for such types of analysis,like full wave solutions for the antenna design and placement, as well as different wave propagation models like empirical models or dominant path solutions will also be discussed in more detail.

Application examples from the automotive and aerospace domain will show time variant results for antenna systems on moving objects e. The purpose of this self paced course is to cover basic analysis types available when using OptiStruct for Linear Analysis. The modules use the See It, Do It methodology to cover the setup, run, and post-processing of the different analysis types. See It allows you to watch a video demonstration of the exercise covered in the module. Do It provides a PDF of the exercise and a model so you to perform the exercise on your own.

A combination of lectures and exercises will familiarize students with the HyperMesh environment, process, and suite of tools needed to start using HyperMesh in their work. Post Processing for Crash - HyperView. This session focuses primarily to illustrate how Altair Compose can act as a catalyst in CAE simulations, especially in post-processing aspects.

This session deals on how to simplify the modelling process of complex geometries using SimLab automated meshing. This course would include SimLab capabilities of meshing and how to standardize the workflow of meshing complex geomentries using repeatable mesh templates. The tool allows you to alter finite element models while keeping mesh distortions to a minimum.

There are three major challenges associated with the collection and analysis of data across the government: data overload, dark data, and disparate data. All of these challenges can be addressed with the addition of data preparation tools to existing data analytics platforms across the Intelligence Community.

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Download this white e-book to learn how data prep addresses data overload, dark data, and disparate data for the Intelligence Community and improves threat detection. The process would help Engineers to build and manage detailed FE models for multiple domains which involves part level model building and assembly, representation and configuration management. Inspire's award winning user experience for geometry creation and modification can be learned in just a few hours, and delivers dependable Altair solver power.

Structural analysis with SimSolid's speed and accuracy - as independently validated by NAFEMS - provides the ability to analyze large assemblies and complex parts. This tool allows engineering analysts to validate CAD models received from the design teams, automatically identifying potential issues that could slow down the pre-processing stage of the simulation life cycle. The solution identifies part intersections, missing welds and incorrect bolt-nut positions on an entire assembly structure and generates comprehensive reports.

Altair HyperStudy is a design exploration tool that manages simulation model variability, run submission and extracts simulation responses. HyperStudy allows to seamlessly perform Design of experiments, generate metamodels and perform optimizations and reliability studies.

However, some simulations are computationally expensive to run in local machines. Altair Access can assist to submit the jobs to a remote HPC server seamlessly, with the reduced simulation time and increased compliance with IT policies.

Many problems of electromagnetic compatibility and interference involve cables, which either radiate through imperfect shields and cause coupling into other cables, devices or antennas, or which receive irradiation external electromagnetic fields radiated from antennas or leaked through other devices and then cause disturbance voltages and currents potentially resulting in a malfunctioning system.

hypermesh learning pdf

This webinar covers the cable analysis solution from Altair with a detailed overview of the methodology with examples. Proximity: Automatic mesh refinement will happen on surfaces that are within proximity distance. This will be useful in CFD, Electronics applications etc.

Learning Altair Products with Altair University

Extract cavity option to extract the cavity from the selected bodies by defining the node. It would be useful in CFD to extract the fluid domain. A growing number of companies aspire to perform multiphysics, but each added analysis tool introduces new complexity to a development process. Model translation, remeshing, design modification — these tasks offer no added value and increase the likelihood of error. Altair SimLab enables users to model and solve multiple physics, including nonlinear analysis, within one unified platform.

Each analysis runs from one master model, allowing you to spend less time prepping and more time solving.Our goal at Altair Engineering is to offer a training curriculum that improves the productivity of our customers.

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Coronavirus Preparedness Statement. Read More. We offer classes at our regional offices as well as some partner universities, use the menus below to search for classes. See a course your are looking for, but no available dates? Contact us to schedule an on demand training. A login to the Client Center is required for these courses. Learning Library The Learning Library offers many videos and resources that can be used to build your skills. Click the button below to enter the Learning Library.

Click the button below to view the Virtual Led Training Schedule. Be The First To Know Subscribe Altair and our resellers need the contact information you provide to us to contact you about our products and services.Hypermesh training course enables participants to work on Hypermesh The training enables the trainees to create finite element models for analysis and prepare high-quality meshes in an efficient manner.

This program offers the skills needed to work with geometry editing tools for preparing CAD models for the meshing process. During the Hypermesh training, the attendees will have knowledge about the BatchMeshing technique that facilitates users to mesh several files in the background to match the standards set by users. While there is no formal pre prerequisite for this training, however candidates with a strong interest in product design and engineering are the ideal participants for this course.

I would like to thank Multisoft team for their constant support and help that they extended during my study period. I gained proficiency in planning, initiation, closing, and execution, and now I am moderately proficient in monitoring and controlling process groups and cleared my PMP exam on 30th May.

I am thankful to Multisoft for the same. I would like to especially thank the Training Advisor for the constant support, as all my queries were answered properly. Also, the sessions were arranged to clarify doubts, along with the mock test sessions. It as been a wonderful experience learning Primavera from Multisoft Systems.

I got training from an expert trainer who holds great command over the course. He delivered Primavera training with full enthusiasm and dedication, that helped me gain confidence over the software. He undertook each and every topic in a well regulated manner, covering all the aspects of Primavera.

He was patient in clearing the doubts which came along the learning way. Multisoft Systems is a one-stop solution for different learning requirements.

I had gone for multiple trainings here back to back in the field of Electronics. Multisoft is a pool of excellent trainers, who are domain expert and knows well how to drive the class by encouraging the students to participate and learn more. Although the Internet offers a lot of content, but there exists a gap in learning and practicing. My trainer was willing to provide me all the support required to to answer the my queries. I guarantee that such assistance is not provided anywhere else in Delhi NCR.

I would definitely recommend Multisoft Systems to all my peers because of the training course, so wonderful that covers all areas of programming and web designing are fulfilled.

I will always remember this training as it lifted me to a level where I can be independent in understanding computer languages.

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The trainer is very knowledgeable and friendly. He promptly responded to all my queries and supported the answer with several relevant and related examples. All the queries were addressed with no delay and the course content was very good.

Thanks a lot to the trainer and Multisoft!To browse Academia.

hypermesh learning pdf

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. HyperMesh Advanced Training. Phuoc Thinh Noo. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Comments concerning the training material may be made to documentation altair. It covers two topics. The first is advanced geometry clean-up and meshing techniques. The second is macros and macro creation, a tool to improve your productivity using HyperMesh. Even if you have no experience writing any program code, by the end of this session, you will be successful at creating your own macros.

Manual notations This manual uses the following notations. Information that is of importance or warning messages will appear in a note box. This is an example of a note box. Important information F appears here. Macro commands may occasionally be longer than the text line of this document.

In those cases, the text wraps to the next line and is slightly indented. When asked to enter such a command, type the entire command ignoring the wrap- around. This will ensure the system can accurately interpret the command you entered. For more help Should you desire additional help with material in this course, see the back of the title page of this manual for contact information.

Comments about this manual may be directed to documentation altair. A methodical approach to geometry cleanup and automeshing activities can save a great deal of time in the analysis process and assist in obtaining dependable results. Many modern FEA solvers have routines to compensate for some measure of poor element quality, but it is not a good practice to rely on these compensations.

The FEA modeler must take into consideration element quality, and thereby judge whether the analysis results are meaningful. The ideal four-node quad plate element is a planar square.

Two types of errors can result from translating a single node.

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If one of the nodes is translated in the plane of the remaining nodes, the interior angles change and the edge lengths vary between sides introducing skew and aspect ratio into the element.

If one of the nodes is translated out of plane of the others, the result is warpage. With first order tria elements warpage is not possible, but aspect ratio and skew remain valid measures of element quality.

Altair Hypermesh Training

The element checks in HyperMesh test these properties and provide feedback as to the quality of the element. Keep element quality criteria in mind while observing the geometry of the model. When trying to determine whether or not to cleanup the geometric feature, ask yourself the following questions.

Is this feature important to my analysis? Often designers model details that are unimportant in FEA. How will this feature affect my mesh and element quality? Consider the benefits and consequences of removing the feature versus meshing it.

hypermesh learning pdf

With HyperMesh, often the simplest way to answer this is to mesh with the feature, then mesh without the feature, and compare the results. Will it be easier to correct the geometry before meshing, or to correct the elements after meshing?

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